Here’s a list of a few things I think are great.

Pauline Crouse’s Brown Bag Bears – Needle felted animals
Missy Kulik’s Sugar Cookie. – Items with Missy’s on charachters
Surly Amy’s SurlyRamics. – Ceramic jewelry with skeptical, scientific, and atheist themes
Beth Carter’s BeCa Deaigns. – Upcycled glass jewelry and homewares

Skeptics Guide to the Universe.
Geologic Podcast.
Reasonable Doubts.
Cognative Dissonance.
Stuff Mom Never Told You.
KnitPicks Podcast.

Pen To Prana – Writer and Yoga Teacher Lidnsey Greene
Gradybird Blog – Theater, Life & Stepmoming with Grady Savage
The Projected Progenetor – Infertility and Beyond
CraftyPod. – Sister Diane’s popular crafting blog
DudeCraft. – Making isn’t just for the ladies, ya know.
KnitHacker – Fresh and innovative knitting

Not all of these items are Safe For Work, and I do not speak for them, nor they for me. Please use your own discretion.


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