Yesterday my partner Ben participated in a fundraiser for IRAP, the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Program. IRAP is a volunteer program that works to help political refugees from Iraq maintain their residency in the US. Ben and his fellow law students volunteer their time, raise all their own funds, and spend a lot of time Skyping with diplomats to try and facilitate things for their clients.

The fundraiser held a bake sale, so I contributed some cupcakes! Triple fudge and yellow funfetti, full size and bite size, with Valentine’s sprinkles and an attempt at some Harry Potter quiddich cupcakes… which hit a few snafus.

I got some premade fondant to make some little broomsticks and quiddich balls. The idea was to make green grass frosting, and fondant brooms in each of the four house colors. The cupcakes went fine, the frosting went fine, and then the boxed fondant squelched everything. The yellow worked just fine, the the green was ok, the blue was really dry, and then the red was slimy and crumbly and messy and stained everything. It went right I to the trash can, and I spent the next ten minutes trying to get it off my hands.

Well, the cupcakes were delicious even if they weren’t the vision of glory I had anticipated. I was reminded of the “Nailed it!” Cookie Monster cupcakes. But they went over well at the fundraiser anyway and with the kids I babysit, so I call the a success.