October Updates

The month of October has been completely slammed for me – but mostly in a good way.

Early in the month, our fair city had The Greater Boston Yarn Crawl featuring 15 shops all around Boston. My friend Deborah and I hit up or regular shops as well as a few others, and I got some awesome hand-dyed yarn called Sun Also Rises from Toil And Trouble. All her colorways are inspired by literature, but despite its name, Sun Also Rises reminded me of Ponyo, everybody’s favorite little fishie by the sea.


Ben and I also did a weekend overnight with Charlie and Alex while their mom & dad went to a wedding in New York. The four of us had a great time! We had a ton of fall fun playing Monster Mini Golf on Saturday and going to the EcoTarium on Sunday.


In the middle of the month, Charlie and Alex got a brand new bunny they named Bunnysaurus Rex. He’s an English Spot and lop mix, and the boys’ mom and I have been building him an epic house for the living room. It’s 2’x6′ and features an interior with a ramp up to a mid-level shelf and another ramp up to his “rooftop garden.” The top level will have a plug to keep him from escaping when all of his people are out for the day, and a wooden fence to allow him to safely explore the upstairs. Both levels will have padded floors to protect Rex’s feet and the wood will be sealed with high-gloss paint to protect from any errant puddles. Of course it will have all the regular bunny amenities such as his litter box, water bottle, hay trough, hiding boxes, and plenty of toys. I’ll get some photos up of the finished house in the next week or so.

The end of the month is of course, Halloween. Ben and I like Halloween just fine, but for the last few years we’ve both been to swamped to do much about it. And we live in an apartment complex that doesn’t lend itself to trick-or-treating, so we didn’t even buy any candy this year. But after looking at pictures of people making costumes for themselves, their kids, and their pets all day on Facebook and Reddit, I decided our bunnies needed some costumes. At 3pm I broke out some stash yarn size 3 needles, and black scrapbook paper and around 11:00, THIS was the result. I was pretty pleased with myself.


So in addition to all of this, October featured my usual nannying schedule of one 65-hour week alternating with one 30-hour week, and my regular knitting projects – a hat for Samantha’s Monkey, a. Minion hat and Daniel Tiger’s blue Tigey for various Halloween costumes, and a pair of mitts for my new HH Etsy Shop. And wouldn’t you know it, the Red Sox were in the World Series, and I needed something with which to taunt Ben’s Cardinals-loving brother. Trash-talking ensued, and thus was born a pair of Loser’s Granny Panties, suitable for wearing on one’s head to the winner’s delight.





So the downside of all this business is that in the past six weeks, two of them have been spent curled up on the couch feeling miserable. This week I realized that it was probably a recurrence of whatever it was last time and went to the doctor. Sure enough, a sinus infection that made my asthma go nuts has resulted in both being sick and being pretty exhausted all month due to not being able to breathe properly. But I got all fixed up with with a whole pack of medicines, and while it’ll take a little while to be fully recovered, I’m well on my way, and that’s good news too.



My partner Ben’s mother is a quilter, and their home is filled with the most amazing cuddly quilts. It’s impossible to be cold in their house. So when she asked me after Christmas if there was a particular kind of quilt I wanted, I was flattered and excited and couldn’t believe it. I told her I had bought a pattern for a bunny quilt years ago, but the truth was I’d probably never do it. She asked me to send it along to her, which I did, and she sent me back the finished quilt this week.

Holy crap, this thing is amazing. She even asked for pictures of our bunnies (Rosie, Nibbler, and the deceased Basil) and included them in the quilt. It’s so amazingly special for me to have something handmade by Ben’s mom. I told her it would be like getting a hug from her every time I cuddle up in it. (I also told Ben that the real bunnies aren’t allowed anywhere NEAR it.)


Easter Sunday

Here at the Humanist House, we don’t have a need to celebrate a religious Easter. We would have loved to go home to our parents’ houses for a visit, but work and school schedules wouldn’t allow it. But we do love bright, sunny mornings, reading in the park, playing with the bunnies, and of course, knitting a “chocolate” Easter bunny. So after a nice lie-in and putting some pink Peeps outside the neighbor boy’s door, that’s exactly what we did. Now we’re home for lunch and catching up on a bit of our TiVo before I have to head off to BoCo for La Boheme tech.


Snow Bunnies!

Today I realized that the Rosie and Nibbler have never been out to play in the snow. I thought they might be terrified, but they had a great time! I dug a little burrow for them and once they figured out what it was all about, they ran in and out, dug at the snow with their paws, and nibbled a little of it, too. I left the door of their travel crate open, and we went back into the house after they climbed back into the crate of their own accord. They’re very well-behaved bunnies! Since they had such a good time, I might take them back out tomorrow after I expand their burrow so they can both fit.



…..Still Snowed in.

Well, we’re still snowed in, though relatively happily. Ben’s been working on a giant paper for law school, and I made an attempt to excavate our cars, to little effect. But until I fell over and got snow down my pants, I was having a good time with my neighbors who were all laughing about our predicament and sharing entrenching tools and beer, which was being kept cold in that same snow. I wasn’t able to go babysit tonight and unless they plow our parking lot again, I probably won’t be able to get to work at the playground tomorrow. In the meantime, I’ll just be in here knitting and watching Too Cute! with the bunnies.