2016 Year in Review

Ive been mostly dormant this year as far as blogging is concerned, but my friend Grady has inspired me to get back to it. So to start things off, I’ll share a few things I’ve made in 2016.

The first project of the year was two pairs of socks to celebrate the wedding of my college professor and his husband. It was my great pleasure to design and construct them as a gift for their long-awaited day.


One of my bosses had his first baby, so of course, the little man needed a sweater.

And a sweater vest for my office manager’s 18 month old son:

I made myself a few pairs of socks. These are There and Back Again in Knitpicks’ Stroll.

Soon I’ll show you guys a few more things I made last year, and some of the new techniques I learned. My goals for 2017 (other than keeping the blog alive!) include updating my Ravelry projects, hopefully finding a new apartment, and crafting for our upcoming wedding! See you again soon, friends!