Springtime in Dover

Our adventures at the farm have come to an end, and the Humanist House has relocated to Dover, New Hampshire! Over the last few months, Ben has taken and passed both the New Hampshire and Massachusets Bar Exams, and is slated to begin work as a lawyer in the next few weeks. I continued my costume work at Hampstead Stage Company through their spring tours, created a few gowns for a local fashion designer, and made quite a few knit pieces for Christmas gifts. Ben and I have also had the pleasure of appearing in some shows at The Players Ring in Portsmouth, NH – Ben as Gordon in Dead Man’s Cell phone, and several charachters in A Christmas Carol, and I got to be Mrs. Cratchet. Appearing onstage is a rarity for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

More recently, I’ve been working on knitting up some baby items, scarves, and socks, along with my fifth commissioned Shawshank embroidery. I’ll be showing off some pictures of those as I get back into the swing of a more standardized schedule. In the meantime, here are some adorable photos of Rosie being the best Christmas bunny around. 



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