Meow’s New Sweater

I babysit a four year old girl named Raina, and her favorite thing in the whole world is her stuffed kitty, Meow. Well, Meow was starting to look a little worn in, and we decided the best thing for it was a new sweater! Raina selected her favorite colors: purple and more purple. And she wanted Meow’s sweater to have a big letter R for Raina, so everyone would know that he belongs to her.

I had to take some measurements because Meow’s arms stick directly out of his front, so a regular doll pattern wouldn’t do. I worked out the front and back, and made sure the armscyes are big enough, and then I made a little button flap over the shoulder to make sure the sweater would go over Meow’s sizeable noggin.

Raina has now requested I make another sweater in reverse colors for Meow’s Cousin – the backup stuffed kitty her parents bought in case anything happened to the original – and I’ll start the measuring process over since Meow’s Cousin has a bit more stuffing on his bones.



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