Meow’s New Sweater

I babysit a four year old girl named Raina, and her favorite thing in the whole world is her stuffed kitty, Meow. Well, Meow was starting to look a little worn in, and we decided the best thing for it was a new sweater! Raina selected her favorite colors: purple and more purple. And she wanted Meow’s sweater to have a big letter R for Raina, so everyone would know that he belongs to her.

I had to take some measurements because Meow’s arms stick directly out of his front, so a regular doll pattern wouldn’t do. I worked out the front and back, and made sure the armscyes are big enough, and then I made a little button flap over the shoulder to make sure the sweater would go over Meow’s sizeable noggin.

Raina has now requested I make another sweater in reverse colors for Meow’s Cousin – the backup stuffed kitty her parents bought in case anything happened to the original – and I’ll start the measuring process over since Meow’s Cousin has a bit more stuffing on his bones.




It’s summer time and definitely time to get back on the blogging wagon. Since my last post, we’ve had Father’s Day, my 32nd birthday, mine and Ben’s second anniversary, 4th of July, and we’re rapidly approaching Ben’s birthday on Wednesday. I’ve been knitting, nannying, and even learning a bit of crochet. I finally saw all of the Harry Potter movies, read Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book, and of course, added to my to-read and to-knit lists.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, it’s high time for an update on my Owlie Socks! They were tons of fun to make and I highly recommend the pattern.