Today was my very first day as a full-time nanny. I’ll be taking care of an almost-two year old boy three days per week (four if Mom picks up an extra day at work later this summer), a pair of two and four year old sisters one day per week, and I’ll still be getting Charlie and Alex from school two days per week and sitting them on Saturday nights. All this will give me around 50 hours per week of awesome kid-time.

And you know, I have to say it, as a theater practitioner and hopeful artist, I’ve done an awful lot of different jobs to keep myself afloat over the years – coffee making, photo developing, shelf stocking, register running, drunk people steering, and ticket taking – but I think this gig is gonna be pretty darn awesome.

Today consisted of finger painting, play-doh-ing, walking slowly while inspecting every dandelion and puddle, pushing a swing, reading stories, putting colored plastic bears into colored plastic cups, nap time, and more play-doh. Then I got a last minute call to come over to sit for one of my occasional families when they lucked into Red Sox tickets for tonight. So I’ve spent the evening enacting, coloring pictures of, and speculating about all things Harry Potter with an 8 year old, her 5 year old sister, and 2 year old brother. Everyone is now thankfully and fairly quickly asleep, and I can’t help but think this is going to be a pretty awesome summer.



2 thoughts on “Nannying

  1. Hi there – wondering how I can get in touch with you about a blog post. Could you send me a message at jennifer (at ) nanny mag (dot) com? I’d really appreciate hearing from you!

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