My partner Ben’s mother is a quilter, and their home is filled with the most amazing cuddly quilts. It’s impossible to be cold in their house. So when she asked me after Christmas if there was a particular kind of quilt I wanted, I was flattered and excited and couldn’t believe it. I told her I had bought a pattern for a bunny quilt years ago, but the truth was I’d probably never do it. She asked me to send it along to her, which I did, and she sent me back the finished quilt this week.

Holy crap, this thing is amazing. She even asked for pictures of our bunnies (Rosie, Nibbler, and the deceased Basil) and included them in the quilt. It’s so amazingly special for me to have something handmade by Ben’s mom. I told her it would be like getting a hug from her every time I cuddle up in it. (I also told Ben that the real bunnies aren’t allowed anywhere NEAR it.)