Easter Sunday

Here at the Humanist House, we don’t have a need to celebrate a religious Easter. We would have loved to go home to our parents’ houses for a visit, but work and school schedules wouldn’t allow it. But we do love bright, sunny mornings, reading in the park, playing with the bunnies, and of course, knitting a “chocolate” Easter bunny. So after a nice lie-in and putting some pink Peeps outside the neighbor boy’s door, that’s exactly what we did. Now we’re home for lunch and catching up on a bit of our TiVo before I have to head off to BoCo for La Boheme tech.



Adventure Day With The Boys

Yesterday my partner Ben and I took Charlie and Alex, the boys I babysit, out for the day so their mom and dad can keep packing for their impending move. We started out at 9:30 heading to the New England Aquarium. They’re renovating the central column tank, but we still got to see all the animals – and Im pretty sure we got a better look at Myrtle the Turtle in her temporary home. We checked out the fur seals, the adorable blue penguins, several types of jellyfish, and the (seriously icky) octopus. I have a deep and abiding fear of octopi and their slimy appendages that the boys think is completely hilarious. They wanted to take me to see the octopus and watch me freak out. I managed to hold it together (“She handled it better than I thought she would,” said Alex) but I did encourage us to move along a little faster than I would have for the turtle or penguins.

When the boys tired of the aquarium, we moved about two miles up the road to the Museum of Science. First we watched a 3D movie about dinosaurs, and then enjoyed some snacks. Ben and Alex headed off to play science video games while Charlie and I went to the butterfly house. While we were in line, Charlie made friends with a girl his age named Simone. They took turns comforting one another when the butterflies would startle them, and afterward we held a little caterpillar and fed him a leaf while we learned about how he would turn into a big pretty moth. Then Simone and Charlie decided they wanted to see the dinosaurs together, so off we went! They were adorable together. I gave Simone’s mom my contact information in case the kids needed a play date later.

Finally our little guys were worn out and it was time to head home – but not without a stop at the penny smashing machine and the gift shop. Charlie picked out a toy train, and Alex got a plaster treasure chest from which he’ll have to chisel a piece of fool’s gold. We had pizza for dinner, bath time and story time, and the boys konked right out. It was really a fantastic day.


Raise Your Skirts and Bob Your Hair

I’ve been considering a haircut for a while now and trimmed it up myself to buy a little time a few months ago. I’d been trying to grow it out for a while now so that when my partner Ben and I get married I a few years, I’ll have style choices. On paper, that’s a great idea, but when I didn’t have my hair all pinned up and hidden under a bandanna, I was sporting a serious young-Hermoine-Granger ‘do.

Then I discovered that Emily, one of the girls on my student wardrobe crew, has her cosmetology license and takes clients to help supplement her college income. She gave one of the other crew girls a fantastic haircut, and I was definitely next in line.

I went home that night and agonized about how much to cut off and what would look good. Should I stick to my original goal of growing it out even if it didn’t look good in the mean time? I was planning to donate it when I got sick of it.. Well, hell, let’s see how long it is now!

I broke out the ruler and discovered that my hair was around 14 inches long from the nape of my neck. You need 10 inches to donate, so my decision was made. I went to work the next day with a huge grin on my face and told Emily my plan. She cut an 11″ ponytail, one more inch went to shaping my hair, and that left me with 2″ of hair – which, since it was backstage at Millie, she “smartly bobbed.”

It was a smash hit with all the BoCo kids, and they should know – they’re far more style-conscious than I’ll ever be. Blown out straight, it’s a jaw-length asymmetrical bob, and when left curly, it’s very Amelia Earhart. I’m loving finding exactly the way to pin it back and I definitely need to invest in a large collection of cute barrettes.

The ponytail itself is hanging from a clippy hanger until it is thoroughly dry so that I can braid it and mail it off. It will go to either Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths – I’ve had friends who’ve donated to both, but I want to do some research on their programs before I send them off (like you should with any donation, really).

So here’s the before-and-after, with maybe some curly photos coming soon:


Millie Continues

Millie has been a LOT of work, but the show really looks great. We even had to make some last-minute adjustments to put Millie’s understudy in when, after all her hard work, the lead got the flu and couldn’t sing without damaging her vocal chords. The performers, director, stage manager, and costume shop all really pulled together to make it work and the show still looked fantastic. Speedy recovery, Kathleen!

Photo by Costume Designer David Cabral.

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Tonight we open Millie at Boston Conservatory.I’m continually impressed by the talent and hard work of the Conservatory students. Aged 18-22, these kids have professional-level skills in acting, dance, and singing. They are not only a delight to watch, they’re also completely charming to hang out with. They are constantly encouraging and supporting each other in their quest to better their own art and eventually become working professional performers. Their fresh eyes and hearts remind me of the magic of live performance and why we do what we do.

This is my student crew, learning to sew name labels into costumes.