Eight Days Later…

Oh my goodness, how have I been away so long? I know I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing, but I missed it!

Since I last checked in, we’ve closed the dance show at BoCo and we’re going into techs for Thoroughly Modern Millie. During the day I worked at the playground, too, and Ben was up to his eyeballs in finals week, so it’s been crazy busy at the Humanist House. I had a few days off to rest and catch up with housework, and now I’m right back into the swing of things. No playground work this week, but babysitting and rehearsals will keep me busy enough.

As for crafting, I made a Pinterest-inspired skirt from a men’s dress shirt, finished my Owlie socks, made a half-dozen Tiny Baby Bunnies, and started on a super-secret surprise knitting project. And I had the chance to stop by Windsor Button for it’s closing-out sale. They still have plenty of merchandise, and I got the yarn to finish my Amy Pond scarf, make two pairs of the owl mitts featured in Issue 21 of Mollie Makes, and make myself a nifty wrap sweater I’ve been eyeing on Etsy. Pictures of everything will be coming soon!

I’m busy and tired, but I’m also productive, happy, and much-loved by my elementary-age fan club.


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