Snowed In!

Well, The Storm has us hunkering down and cuddling up. Governor Patrick declared a snow emergency for the state and ordered everyone off the roads at 4pm, which is a great idea because the roads were almost impassable by 2:30. Here at the Humanist House, we still have power and heat, but no intentions of heading anywhere for at least the next twelve hours. I’m working on another Shawshank sampler and my Owlie socks – but only after frogging them back to the middle of the cuff and nearly starting again. I decided I didn’t like such a tall cuff and discovered a bit of a problem with the heel turn that I wanted to think about a little further.

One week from today, I’ll be back at Boston Conservatory as head of wardrobe for the Winter Dance Concert, and I’m hoping to have my current projects finished up by then so I can think a little more about a few machine sewing projects I have on the horizon.

In the meantime, I’d like to share this website with you: Toward The Stars features fantastic gender-neutral and stereotype-breaking toys and clothing for girls, all of which encourage education, independence and confidence. I really enjoyed looking throughout their catalogue and I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing some of these onesies one day.

Photo from Toward The Stars


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